Monday, January 4, 2010

Goodbye Esther, Hello Fruit of the Spirit

Sooo..... turns out I've been really bad about blogging lately!
I still have not wrapped up my thoughts on Esther (in blog format, anyhow) and it's already time for the next study to start. Tonight "Living Beyond Yourself" kicks off at the Ridge. We'll be studying the Fruit of the spirit. I will be trying to keep on top of my blogging about it each week... however as I look at the January calendar it is a little overwhelming. So no promises. (Our January schedule is something for you prayer warriors lists!) :)
I'll be discussing Fruit of the Spirit over the next 12 weeks. In the meantime, I will have gotten the new Beth Moore book (So Long, Insecurity comes out in Feb.) and will be following along with her blog until the simulcast in April. If you are interested in attending the simulcast, please let me know! I'd love to have you come with me (and if you don't live in the area, there are a lot of other host churches as well, I'll link up to that soon).
So Happy New Year! Happy new studies to all of you!
I'd love to hear how you are challenging complacency in 2010!!


  1. How crazy is it that we have been blogging together, but had no idea that we are doing the same study? I have been doing the "Living Beyond Yourself" study online! I love the Galations passage in sign language, that Beth teaches. I use the "patience" sign with myself and Matthew a lot! Can't wait to hear how your small group study goes!

  2. What week are you on?!?!
    I didn't realize you were doing it right now. I thought you had already done this one.
    I like that one too.. and how she compares it to keeping your mouth shut. Good one for me! :)

  3. Oh- and our conversation about us really slacking on the blogging was not off base a bit! :)

  4. Admittedly, I signed up and started a couple of months ago, but have only gotten through week two and haven't started the homework. You may be just the re-inspiration that God sent my way. I have so much I want to do that I shy away from all of it, it seems. Time to get moving again! I will blog here again soon, though!