Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hello, My Name Is.....

...Heidi. Co-creator (that sounds official) of Conversations Challenging Complacency. Mary is the brains behind the blog and I'm her cheerleader (although those who know me well could assure you that I've never actually been, or thought about being, a cheerleader, you know one in a skirt and all).

If you've read any of my posts on the Hickstionary, you are probably aware that I sometimes have a hard time organizing my thoughts about a particular topic into a single post. What follows is my attempt at introducing myself to you in one posting.......

In junior high and high school I learned what it meant to have a relationship with Him (or so I thought... ). I loved the group outings and Bible studies with my church group. I learned so much about Him and His love for me.

It. was. great.

Fast forward to college. I was an insecure freshman trying to figure out who I was (was I the only one?). I went to church but it wasn't about a relationship with Him, it was about an education. I was intrigued by different religions. I wanted to learn as much about as many religions as I could. I attended several church services with whomever I could get to go with me. Or whomever was kind enough to let me tag along. I learned a lot about religion.

But I wasn't learning about Him.

To say my walk with Him was strained at this point would be an understatement. At times I felt like I was crawling. At times I felt like He was dragging me. At times I felt like that lonely set of footprints in the sand were my own.

Oh, how wrong I was.

Fast forward a few years later. I'm a little more secure newlywed. And some days I'm still trying to figure who I am. I have a fabulous porch swing in which I can spend a lot of time digging into His word. I have a great husband that prays with me. I have some amazing friends with whom I can talk freely and openly about His love with. I know He doesn't leave my side. I know His footprints are much larger than my own.

But I'm missing something.

    20 Wisdom calls aloud outside;
      She raises her voice in the open squares.
       21 She cries out in the chief concourses,
      At the openings of the gates in the city
      She speaks her words:
       22 “ How long, you simple ones, will you love simplicity?
      For scorners delight in their scorning,
      And fools hate knowledge.
       23 Turn at my rebuke;
      Surely I will pour out my spirit on you;
      I will make my words known to you.

       32 For the turning away of the simple will slay them,
      And the complacency of fools will destroy them;
       33 But whoever listens to me will dwell safely,
      And will be secure, without fear of evil.”      -Proverbs 1:20-23,32-33


He is calling me to stop being so complacent.


7 “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. 8 For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened." -Matthew 7:7-8

He is calling me to seek wisdom. To grow in His word.

18But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To Him be glory both now and forever! Amen. -2 Peter 3:18

He is calling me to grow in His grace and knowledge. To grow in His love.

So I signed up for Beth Moore's study, Esther. Lifeway says this about it:
Beth Moore's newest Bible study is Esther: It's Tough Being a Woman. Going up against heavyweights bent on her destruction, Esther trusted God and landed a blow that saved her people. The Old Testament story of Esther is a profile in courage and contains many modern parallels for today's woman. Esther's destiny can be yours as you know more deeply the God who is in your corner.
(Click on the photo of the book on the left for more.)

Through this study, I'm seeking His word, His love, His courage.

I'm seeking to grow closer to Him.

I'm blogging with Mary because she's amazing (well duh). She inspires me to grow. To stretch myself. To reach out. It is my hope through team blogging that I will be encouraged to apply Esther in ways I've never dreamed applicable. It is my hope that I will grow closer to Him.

So hello, my name is Heidi. Daughter of The King. Wife of my beloved.
Work. In. Progress.

Will you take this journey with us?

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